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Modern Retreat Guest Bathroom

When we first met with our clients, they wanted to update their lower-level guest bathroom but they were also hoping that we could help them create a space that they could enjoy as well.

It didn’t take us long to be inspired by their existing sauna that was in exceptionally good condition. It was an easy decision to work with what we had – now we just needed to add a modern twist and that’s when the design process began.

We start with building and presenting our design concept and product recommendations to the clients based on our meetings, budgets and questionnaire. This is an important step that needs careful consideration since the rest of process will be very detailed sensitive.

It’s demo day and as much fun as it is to start a project, it’s also a time where we might find a surprise that could derail a design or budget. We got lucky on this one. Thanks to the experience and efficiency of Fast Track Construction, the demo was quick and YES messy but was completed in no time at all.

It’s not always possible but we made sure all of the materials were delivered onsite at the start of the project to avoid any delays seeing we have been dealing with unprecedented times. The clients had already been incredibly patient. The project moved along quickly and it was all coming together as planned. We love how the large shower turned out. Bigger isn’t always better but in this case we say YES it is!!

Lighting sets the mood. We wanted to create a calming space that would make both the guests and homeowners feel like they’re away at a weekend retreat and we believe that the several layers of lighting helped achieve that. The reflection of the lights on the glass wall also added a surprise that was absolutely gorgeous. The LED mirrors and lit sauna seating was a little splurge but one that brought such refined details to the final design.

We love details!! Our clients are lucky enough to have a few artists in the family and they were hoping to include some of their work in their reno. Super Steve was able to inlay the sculptured piece within the sauna wall… We sure do love it when contractors say anything is doable.

We especially love that custom bench made by talented Brian Millions. It was the perfect piece to complete this beautiful spacious shower.

Seeing this did start as a guest bathroom renovation, we wanted to make sure to include a vanity area for guests to have a place to organize their toiletries. This perfect IKEA vanity stylishly fit that need.

With every project there’s always a Piece de resistance and we believe that the custom glass was the piece that tied it all together so beautifully. It’s a longer wait than normal when it comes to custom work, but it surely is worth the wait when we get to see the final product. The custom glass did not disappoint - it fit like a glove and was the perfect way to complete this beautiful project!

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