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Dimitra Dark Iron W/Glass Doors Kitchen Island

Dimitra Dark Iron W/Glass Doors Kitchen Island

  • Dimitra is a kitchen island composed of wood, metal, and glass, featuring see through storage display.
  • Dimension : 62.0L x 32.0W x 36.0H
  • Glass + Wood + Iron Construction

    This kitchen island is composed of three premium materials that offer functionality and style. Three glass paneled doors allow for see-through storage space, while an all wood countertop and iron framing give this piece a classic look and feel 

  • Dark Finish

    The Dimitra is finished in a dark tone, making it a rich visual piece to add to a kitchen to bring some depth and character. 

  • Ample Storage Space

    The Dimitra offers a large space to store items of your choice. Six different compartments mean there's is tons of space to play with when styling these drawers. 

  • Industrial Inspired

    This is piece was designed based off the industrial design style. It's seamless blend of materials and rich colors speak to its industrial vibe. 

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