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Bunkie Updates

If my bunkie could talk it would tell of my secret obsession with cushions and how many times I have changed the cushions over the years.  Cushions are such an easy way to add pattern, contrast and color to refresh any home decor.  My favourite color is red, I’ve always loved the burst of drama it brings to a space, but after 15 years of living with my red Muskoka chairs it was time for a change.  

I decided on something very simple, yet timeless and neutral.  I chose black, Benjamin Moore Black Beauty (2128-10) to be exact! 

I love how the rich warm black door and newly painted chairs add a luxurious feel to the space while making the white trim really pop.  The pattern in the cushions and new sign really stand out and add a lovely charm and elegance to this existing space.  Mixing black and navy has always been one of my favourite looks.  The rules of interior design sometimes include following your heart and I definitely love the end result of mixing these two colors.

I will be staining the deck..stay tuned!

Staining the deck will not only promote a dramatic look by enhancing the natural grain but also bring out the woods rich colors and textures.  In my case, it will really complete the overall look by creating a warm, inviting space and cohesiveness that will tie in the cedar shakes on the bunkie.

In the meantime, I intend on soaking up the sun and enjoying this view!

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